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CMT business market share in the Middle-East by sourcing directly from the manufacturers to its
customers. Improving audience engagement and loyalty client with simple and user friendly tools.
The products are created by top industry leaders and user experiences.

CMT Products

We’ve made a huge effort to keep the customer away from things with confusing quality, to provide the best product available in the market, to get higher client satisfaction.


Ignoring the fact that perfect typography is a key asset of design success leads to fail. We concentrated on classic proportions, great readability and better user experience to produce modern and user friendly theme that adds value to any project.


The theme comes with built in Power visual page builder. It’s a features rich backend visual page composer helping to create various page layouts in a blink of an eye. Besides that you can save pre-built page layouts in templates and reuse them at other pages.

Product Line

Fully compatible with Product and quality that give more space for your creativity and add more functionality to your daily ue. You can create and run small community or mini social network in just a couple of clicks.

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Since I’m not a real programmer I love to use these already made and beautifully made templates. They are available at very affordable prices and they save you a lot of time, a lot of sweat and tears!

Marcel Vossen